Sports massage is a treatment that is tailored to suit anyones needs, therefore you don’t have to be an athlete to require one. If you suffer from posture related tension, which a lot of us do, you would benefit from sports therapy just as much as an athlete would.

Sports massage is all about prevention and keeping you either training or working pain free. A sports massage session is about the patient and the sports therapist working together. You come in and describe where your “niggles” or pain is and we will treat those areas as well as some of the surrounding muscles, because a lot of times the area that is painful isn’t necessarily the area that is the problem.

If we feel that you have other underlying reasons for your pain we will refer you on to a specific physiotherapist that is best qualified to treat your injury. At The Body Clinic, we work as a team and our ethos is to get you better be that with a Sports Massage Therapist or a Physiotherapist.

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