All procedures are carried out by Dr Preeti, NHS Medical Consultant. Expert in collagen bone, muscle and joint diseases

Dr Preeti is a highly skilled aesthetic practitioner and well respected senior medical consultant. Her specialist expertise in managing complex immune mediated conditions sets her apart from other practitioners

in the aesthetics field.Dr Preeti Shah is a highly experienced Senior Medical Rheumatology Consultant with over 20 years NHS experience.

A holistic approach combined with personalised, high quality treatments are the hallmark of Dr Preeti Skin Aesthetics. Clients are assured a professional service whilst feeling fully at ease with Dr Preeti.

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A fresher look with wrinkle relaxing injections: treat & prevent static facial lines between brow, forehead, around eyes.
From £150 plus £50 per additional area


Professional skin peel with a level to suit your needs: Restore healthy skin surface, treat pigmentation, sun damage & tighten skin.
From £55 – £150


Soften creases and lines between the nose and chin. Reduce jowel sag and enhance natural facial contours.
Dermal Fillers
From £250 per syringe


Inno Pen Micro needling Rejuvenate complexion & lift skin, reduce scars and diminish fine lines.
From £150 per session


Restore volume loss in cheeks.
From £350


Skin Care products for daily use: Maintain healthy skin with prescription level ingredients for best results, Available only from medical practitioner.
From £30


Dermal fillers to rejuvenate or enhance lip outline and lip volume. In addition, reduce lines above the lips.
From £230 – £250


Exclusive treatment for men. Maintain the balance between masculine creases whilst reducing undesirable wrinkles.
From £150