Effectively reduce hunger and increase the feeling of fullness with an easy to use injector pen from Dr Preeti Shah

Dr Preeti Shah is a highly experienced Senior Medical Rheumatology Consultant with over 20 years NHS experience.

Easy to use injector pen for your convenience

Injection self administered under skin as a daily dosing schedule.

Each pen contains average 12-15 doses, depending on individual dosing schedule

Dr Shah Offers
• Full medical & dietary assessment
• Determine safe and effective dosing for you.
• Regular review either face to face or remotely for your convenience

To book an appointment call 0161 941 5922

The Body Clinic Reopening for Face to Face Physiotherapy and Remedial Massage Consultations

The Body Clinic will reopen from Monday 8th June 2020 for selected face to face Physiotherapy and Remedial Massage consultations.