The Body Clinic Hale, Altrincham can relieve most types of back pain.

The Body Clinic physiotherapists treat patients of all ages with a wide range of physical problems caused by accidents, illness, sporting/training issues and ageing. Our physiotherapists identify, treat and maximise your bodies’ full movement potential through preventative help, treatment, education, advice and rehabilitation.

Many of the conditions we treat include:


Whiplash back pain and neck pain
Lower back pain
Trapped nerve back pain(e.g. sciatica)
Arthritis back pain (osteo and rheumatoid)
Post-operative rehabilitation
Prolapsed/bulging discs back pain


Muscle tears (e.g. hamstring/calf)
Chondromalacia patella
Post-operative rehabilitation ( e.g. hip or knee replacement)
Sprained ankle
Ligament tears
Cartilage tears


Repetitive strain ( e.g. carpal tunnel)
Shoulder instability
Tennis elbow
Frozen shoulder
Post-operative rehabilitation ( e.g. rotator cuff repair)

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Coronavirus Clinic Update

In response to the current government guidelines we have taken the very difficult decision to temporarily cease face to face consultations.


However, just because treatment rooms have closed it does not mean that treatment needs to stop.


Video consultations are available instead and I promise you they can be a lot more effective than you may think.


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