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Stroke Rehabilitation with Physiotherapy Altrincham

If you have been unfortunate enough to have suffered a stroke, physiotherapy Altrincham provides rehabilitation which can aid the recovery process. A stroke is when the brain capillaries – or even arteries – rupture. Physiotherapy Altrincham work with patients until they are part or fully recovered, depending upon the damage that has been caused by the stroke.

One of the effects of a stroke is paralysis of the limbs. If the limbs are no longer used, a possible result could be gangrene. Physiotherapy Altrincham work with the stroke patient to regain movement in the affected limbs. Stroke patients may have to learn to walk again and in many case this can be achieved by carrying out walking exercise as directed by physiotherapy Altrincham. In some cases, strokes affect the patient’s speech. Physiotherapy Altrincham will work with the patient on speaking exercises to try and regain the ability of speech.

After experiencing a stroke, the rehabilitation process can be a long one. Physiotherapy Altrincham offer a programme of treatments which are tailored to meet the needs of each individual patient as strokes can affect different people in different ways. The main focus, however, is the same, which is to help the patient recover as fully as possible.