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Have a Helping Hand with Pregnancy Massage

Don’t be plagued with aches and pains, stresses and strains during pregnancy, labour and beyond. The Body Clinic in Hale can help pregnant women assuage any anxiety that they are feeling around their pregnancy and impending labour and also relieve any physical discomfort that you may be feeling.

Pregnancy causes a huge amount of change to the body and a side effect of this can often be pain. Muscles can become strained and cramped, circulation can be stunted and swelling can cause soreness. Not only can pregnancy massage help to alleviate these conditions, but it can also aid women during labour by easing the pain and increasing strength and stamina. This will, in turn, have a positive effect on the emotional wellbeing of the mother and go towards developing a more positive attitude towards childbirth.

The role of the professionals at The Body Clinic does not cease here. The bodies of mothers will often need a helping hand in returning to their former condition. Pregnancy massage has an important part to play in this by encouraging pelvic floor healing, rebalancing the spine and pelvis, as well as relieving muscle strain, back and neck pain and sore, swollen breasts. Pregnancy massage is also believed aid the prevention of post-natal depression.