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Start on the road to recovery with Physical Therapy

Physical therapy clinics welcome anyone, at any age, to visit them regarding a physical injury, illness or disability. Upon arrival for your appointment, you will be seen by a qualified professional who will be able to carry out the necessary physical therapy treatments in order to help you on the road to recovery.

Initially, you will be asked exactly what injury or illness you are suffering from and the physical therapist will carry out an assessment to determine factors such as the cause, symptoms and decide on the appropriate physical therapy.

One such physical therapy clinic is The Body Clinic, Hale. We offer a broad range of physical therapy services and treatments including physiotherapy, acupuncture, massage and electrotherapy. We pride ourselves on being friendly and welcoming because we know that many people often find the thought of visiting a physical therapy clinic, or similar medical centre, quite frightening. What you must remember is that physical therapists are fully qualified and are here to help you recover.
Examples of common complaints that are treated at physical therapy clinics are arthritis, sports injuries, back and neck pains, strokes as well as pregnancy aches and pains. So, whatever your condition we can help you with physical therapy!