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If you have suffered from an injury or illness and are in need of physiotherapy, Hale is home to The Body Clinic. At The Body Clinic, we employ qualified physiotherapists who provide a range of different physiotherapy treatments.

There are a variety of different physiotherapy techniques available at the Hale clinic. These include manipulation, massage, acupuncture and electrotherapy. Our physiotherapists can treat problems that are affecting the patient’s heart, lungs, blood circulation, muscles and joints.

At The Body Clinic in Hale, physiotherapy can help patients who have suffered from a stroke, heart problems, breathing problems, arthritis, sports injuries and who have recently had to undergo surgery. Physiotherapists can also those who have mental health conditions, neurological conditions (those affecting the brain and nervous system) and chronic (long-term) health conditions.

In Hale, physiotherapy is available for people of all ages; from small children to the elderly. Physiotherapy can benefit anyone who has suffered from physical illnesses and/or injuries. If you are looking for physiotherapy, Hale based treatment centre, The Body Clinic can help you on the road to recovery.