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How Physiotherapy Altrincham can help you

Physiotherapy Altrincham offers many different types of treatment so help patients with a wide variety of injuries as well as physical and neurological disabilities. The versatility of physiotherapy Altrincham is why it can help so many different patients. Physiotherapy Altrincham offers the following treatments: mobilisation and manipulation, acupuncture, massage, electrotherapy, exercise programmes and advice on ways to help those with specific conditions.

The role that physiotherapy Altrincham plays in the community is to improve and restore movement to parts of the body which have been affected by injury or a health condition. The physiotherapist will decide on which treatment will be most beneficial and this is dependent on both the condition itself and the medical history of the patient in question. For example, physiotherapy Altrincham deal with many arthritis sufferers. Arthritis is a chronic condition which tends to affect older people by causing pain and stiffness in the joints. Physiotherapy Altrincham assists these patients by applying treatments which keep joints mobile and also strengthen the surrounding muscles.

Whether you are young or old, physiotherapy Altrincham can help you. We deal with patients of all ages and social backgrounds. Most people who suffer an injury or a physical disability will find that they will benefit from treatment provided by physiotherapy Altrincham.