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Olympics village volunteer physiotherapist news

Kathryn, a physiotherapist at The Body Clinic is volunteering at the 2012 Olympic Games

Here’s her latest news :


Highlight of our day today was the Serbian and Croatian handball teams
training at mayesbrook. It’s a very interesting, fast-paced game. I would
highly recommended people have a watch of it during the Olympics!

First shift at the Olympic stadium, involved a 5am get up to make it across
to Stratford to start for 7am! Everyone also has to allow time to walk from
Stratford station across to the Olympic park and through the airport style
security (allow at least 20mins but that was at 6.40 – so probably a lot
longer at peak rush hour times!!)

We’re treating athletes over at the warm-up track which is situated at the
end of a tunnel alongside the Olympic stadium.

The 1st bus load of athletes came over from the athletes village just after
8am and from then on it was non-stop until around 2pm. A real mix of
athletes from mainly Caribbean and African countries.

The atmosphere within the volunteers is of excitement of the ‘calm before
the storm’ as things start to get busier and busier within the Olympic park.

The athletes are obviously there to do a job and are focused on what needs
to be achieved – it’s exciting to be involved in their preparations at this