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Don’t Suffer in Silence from Back and Neck Pain

The majority of people will, at some point in their lives, suffer from some sort of back and neck pain. Some pains will only last for a few days and will go on to heal themselves, however, if back and neck pain is persistent then it is advisable to visit a qualified physiotherapist. Physiotherapists will carry out an assessment of the back and neck pain to find the cause of the discomfort, the exact location of the pain and also what the symptoms are. The physiotherapist will then be able to give a detailed prognosis and plan physical therapy to help relieve the back and neck pain.

There are two main types of back pain; acute back pain which lasts under six weeks; and chronic back pain is any back pain which continues after six weeks. There is also specific and non-specific back pain. Specific back pain is a result of a health condition or damage to the base of the spine. Non-specific back pain is generally caused by sprains, muscle strains, trapped nerves or other minor injuries.

Most cases of neck pain will disappear in a couple of days’ time. However, if it does not get any better, then a physiotherapist will be able to devise a treatment plan to help the healing process.