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All Cheshire Cycle Routes

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Route Name Start End Duration Miles
8 Mile Loop Backford Backford 00:42 7.35
Alderley Edge to Crosby Alderley edge, Cheshire Crosby, Liverpool 05:48 58.19
Alderley Edge to Manchester Ardley Edge Station (A34) Whitworth Street (B6469), Manchester 01:24 14.18
Allterrainmbc Tuesday Night Ride Morrisons car park , Stockton Heath Morrisons car park , Stockton Heath 01:42 17.38
Along North Bank Of Ship Canal Via Warburton and High Leigh Lyons lane Appleton Thorn 01:42 17.59
Alsager 32 Mile Circular Alsager Railway Station Alsager Railway Station 03:12 32.58
Alsager Ring Sandbach Commons Sandbach Commons 01:06 11.2
Altricham to Great Budworth Hale Hale 05:18 53.02
Altringham to Mobberley and Wilmslow Loop Ashley Road (B5357) Ashley Road (B5357) 01:36 16.63
Antrobus Wrenbury Antrobus Nook Antrobus Nook 05:54 59.43
Audlem To Whitchurch Audlem Cheshire Whitchurch, Shropshire 01:12 12.09
Bamford and Langsett Loop From Macclesfield Macclesfield, Hibel Road Macclesfield 07:18 73.09
Barbridge 10 Miler The Old Barbridge Inn The Old Barbridge In 01:00 10.49
Barbridge 17 Miler The Old Barbridge Inn The Old Barbridge Inn 01:42 17.39
Barbridge 33 Miler The Old Barbridge Inn The Old Barbridge Inn 03:12 32.95
Bebington to Heswall via Neston New Chester Rd (A41), Bebington Oldfield Rd, Heswall 01:36 16.87
Bewsey Loop via Sankey Valley Park Lilford Ave, Bewsey Lilford Ave, Bewsey 01:12 12.48
Cheadle to Femilee Loop High St, Cheadle High St, Cheadle 03:48 38.04
Chelford Loop via Rodeheath Knutsford Rd, Chelford Knutsford Rd, Chelford 03:00 30.33
Chelford Lower Withington Loop Knutsford Road Knutsford Road 01:18 13.21
Cheshire Day Out Mill St, Crewe Crewe 04:00 38.9
Cheshire Trail Reeves Road Reeves Road 03:00 30.25
Cheshire Wilmslow Circular Dean Row road Dean Row road 03:18 33.76
Chester and Ellsmere Port Loops Nicholas Street (A548) Nicholas Street (A548) 04:00 40.5
Chester Canal and River Dee Circular Becketts Lane, Great Boughton Becketts Lane, Great Boughton 01:48 18.26
Chester Centre to Docks Road Chester Centre Docks Road, Connahs Quay 00:45 7.24
Chester Circular Via Kelsal Hill Flookersbrook Flookersbrook 03:48 38.05
Chester Circular via Tafarn Y Gelyn and Tattenhall Totland Grove, Newton Totland Grove, Newton 07:30 75.38
Chester Loop via Llandegla Lache Lane, Chester Lache Lane, Chester 04:18 43.92
Chester Rail Circular Chester Railway Station (A56) Chester Railway Station (A56) 01:30 15.21
Chester Tateenhall to Farnedon Sandy Lane Sandy Lane 02:12 22.89
Chester to Capenhurst Northgate arena Northgate arena 01:54 19.22
Chester to Formby Via Runcorn Upton Scaffold Lane, Formby 04:30 45.61
Chester to Holt and Rossett Loop Liverpool Road (A540) Bus Depot, Liverpool Road (A540) Bus Depot, 02:12 22.87
Chester To Horseshoe Pass Circuit Chester Train Station Chester City Centre 05:06 51
Chester to Porthmadog Chester Porthmadog 07:18 73.32
Chester to Tarporley and Farndon Loop Whitchurch Road (A5115), Great Boughton Whitchurch Road (A5115), Great Boughton 04:42 47.45
Church Lawton to Radcliffe Knutsford Rd, Church Lawton Turks Rd, Radcliffe 04:42 47.46
Congleton loop Congleton Congleton 02:00 20.19
Crewe Southern Loop to Wrinehill Crewe Crewe 02:06 21.79
Cronton to Albertdock Prescot Rd, Cronton Albert dock, Liverpool 01:06 11.17
Cronton to Walton via Widnes and Hale Smithy Lane, Cronton Smithy Lane, Cronton 02:54 29.94
Crosfields Day Out United to Wolves manchester warrington 02:24 24.8
Culcheth To Tatton Culcheth Tatton park 04:06 41.28
Daresbury Circuit Daresbury Park Daresbury Park 01:06 11.5
Delamere Forest Delamere forest visitor centre Delamere forest visitor centre 00:36 6
Didsbury Circular Didsbury Clock Tower (A5145) Didsbury Clock Tower (A5145) 05:48 58.31
Didsbury/mobberley Circular Manchester/Didsbury/Palatine Road Manchester/Didsbury/Palatine Road 02:36 26.91
Disley to Mellor Cross Loop Chantry Road, Disley Chantry Road, Disley 01:06 11.75
E/port-chester-sealand-e/port – Circular Ellesmere Port / Deeside Ellesmere Port / Deeside 01:54 19.83
Ellesmere Port Circular via Frodsham and Delamere Ellesmere Port Station Ellesmere Port Station 03:24 34.68
Ellesmere Port Circular via Wallasey Ellesmere Port Ellesmere Port 05:30 55.19
Ellesmere Port to Chester via Shropshire Canal Lees Lane, Ellesmere Port Tow Path past Bridge 123 01:06 11
Ellesmere Port to Handbridge via Shropshire Canal Loop National Boat Museum National Boat Museum 02:00 20.75
Elworth 8M Circular Elworth Station Elworth 00:48 8.23
Elworth Loop with Climb and Canal Middlewich Road (A533), Elworth Middlewich Road (A533), Elworth 03:30 35.82
Farndon/waverton/saltney Footbridge Circular High Street, Farndon High Street, Farndon 04:06 41.2
Fearnhead Circular via Dunham Massey and Lymm Fearnhead, Cinnamon Lane Fearnhead, Cinnamon Lane 02:06 21.28
Fearnhead Loop via Dunham Massey Cinnamon Lane, Fearnhead Cinnamon Lane, Fearnhead 02:00 20.43
Fearnhead to Chester via Dunkirk off Birchwood Way (A574) off Birchwood Way (A574) 05:24 54.41
Frodsham 15m Circuit Frodsham Cemetary Frodsham Cemetary 01:42 17.64
Gatley; Via Chorlton, Didsbury & Northenden Gatley, Cheadle Gatley, Cheadle 01:00 10.86
Godley Run Mansfield Road, Hyde Mansfield Road, Hyde 00:24 4.41
Golborne to Liverpool East Lancs Rd A580, Golborne Lime St, Liverpool 01:54 19.41
Gorse Covert to Delamere Forest via Warrington Gorse Covert, Birchwood Delamere Forest 02:18 23.33
Grappenhall Antrobus Marbury Loop Grappenhall Grappenhall 02:12 22.8
Great Sankey to Daresbury Loop Sankey Way (A57), Great Sankey Sankey Way (A57), Great Sankey 01:30 15.77
great sutton great sutton great sutton 02:48 28.94
Great Sutton 13m Loop Great Sutton off Chester Road Great Sutton off Chester Road 01:12 12.82
Great Sutton to Chester Great Sutton Chester City centre 00:36 6.9
Guilden Sutton Westminster Park circular Guilden Sutton 02:12 22.33
Hale Circular via Knutsford Whalley Road, Hale Whalley Road, Hale 05:06 51.8
Hale to Manchester City Centre Delaheys Road (A5144), Hale Portland Street (A5103), Manchester City Centre 01:00 10.59
Hale to Morley Green and Ashley Loop Hale Hale 01:18 13.46
Halton Lea Circular via Warrington and Widnes Hallwood Park Hallwood Park 01:42 17.68
Halton Lea to Albert Dock Liverpool Halton Lea Albert Dock Liverpool 01:54 19.19
Handforth Circular Manchester Airport Eastern Link Manchester Airport Eastern Link 02:12 22.31
Hartford, Delamere, Kelsall, Cotebrook, Whitegate Chester Road Hartford 02:12 22.38
Hartford-reaseheath-beeston-eaton-whitegate Chester road Hartford Chester road Hartford 04:30 45.97
Hartford-vale Royal-whitegate-cuddington Hartford Hartford 01:30 15.12
Hazel Grove To Longnor Hazel Grove Longnor 02:18 23.6
Hemsby to Wigan Part 6 Manchester Road Montrose Avenue, Wigan, Lancashire 02:30 25.98
Hillcrest Road, Gawsworth SK11 7UY Hillcrest Road, Gawsworth SK11 7UY Hillcrest Road, Gawsworth SK11 7UY 02:36 26.64
Huntington To Tilston Circular Huntington , Chester Huntington , Chester 02:24 24.89
Jodrell Bank Loop Jodrell Bank, Chelford Road (A535) Jodrell Bank, Chelford Road (A535) 02:12 22.67
JOG-LE Part 4 Chester to Ross on Wye Chester Ross on Wye 11:00 111.63
Kingsmead to Winsford Loop Kingsmead (A533) Kingsmead (A533) 01:00 10.83
Knutford to Ashley Loop Knutsford Road (B5085) Knutsford Road (B5085) 00:54 9.09
Knutsford – Mobberley – Knutsford Tabley Rd Knutsford Tabley Rd Knutsford 02:48 28.09
Knutsford /shackley Mere Knutsford Knutsford 01:06 11.25
Knutsford Alderley Wilmslow Ashely Knutsford Knutsford 02:12 22.66
Knutsford to Arley Hall Loop Manchester Road (A50) Manchester Road (A50) 01:54 19.4
Knutsford to Ashley Loop Entrance to Tatton Park, King Street (B5083) Entrance to Tatton Park, King Street (B5083) 01:12 12.13
Knutsford to Congleton Loop Northwhich Road Knutsford (Ladies Mile) 03:00 30.01
Knutsford to Macclesfield Forest Loop Toft Rd, Knutsford Toft Rd, Knutsford 04:36 46.21
Knutsford to Siddington Loop Northwich Road (A5033) Northwich Road (A5033) 03:48 38.9
Lanes Around Knutsford Ladies Mile Knutsford Ladies Mile Knutsford 02:48 28.56
Latchford Stockton Heath Burtonwood Circular Morrisons Store, Wilderspool Causeway (A49) Morrisons Store, Wilderspool Causeway (A49) 01:30 15.36
Leek to Congleton Loop Oakwood Road, Leek Oakwood Road, Leek 02:12 22.06
Leigh Circular via Risley and Hollinfare Garden Vale, Leigh Garden Vale, Leigh 02:24 24.08
Leigh to Rivington loop Leigh Leigh 02:48 28.27
Leigh/earlstown/culcheth/leigh Leigh Leigh 01:48 18.56
Levenshulme Circular via Cat & Fiddle Fernleigh Ave, Levenshulme Fernleigh Ave, Levenshulme 05:24 54.99
Levenshulme Loop via Macclesfield Broom Lane, Levenshulme Broom Lane, Levenshulme 04:30 45.09
Levenshulme to Alderly Edge Circular Albert Road (B5093), Levenshulme Albert Road (B5093), Levenshulme 03:30 35.56
Little Sutton to Little Neston Loop Station Road (B5463), Little Sutton Station Road (B5463), Little Sutton 01:12 12.88
Little Sutton to Willaston Little Sutton Train Station Little Sutton Train Station 00:42 7.38
Macclesfield Forest Circular Off Buxton Road Macclesfield Town Hall 01:48 18.15
Macclesfield Mow Cop Loop Macclesfield Macclesfield 02:24 24.82
Macclesfield to Siddington Bostock Road Bostock Road 00:54 9.59
Marple-new Mills Off Road Loop Roman Lakes Marple Roman Lakes Marple 01:18 13.98
Marple-newmills-chinley Figure 8 Marple Marple 02:18 23.12
Mid Cheshire Meres Northwich.Lower Darwin St. Northwich,Lower Darwin St. 02:48 28
Mid Cheshire Meres Northwich.Lower Larwin Northwich 02:48 28
Middlewich, Macclesfield Forest and Rudyard Middlewich Middlewich 05:12 52.4
Mow Cop and Bosley Cloud Eight Brook Street (A54) Brook Street (A54) 01:24 14.74
Nantwich to Ravensmoor and Hack Green Loop Crewe Road (A534) Crewe Road (A534) 01:36 16.84
Neston to Tregeiriog Parkgate Road (B5135) Tregeiriog 04:24 44.82
Newton to Saltney Ferry Broadway East, Newton Well House Barns off Chester Rd, Saltney Ferry 00:36 6.31
Northwich Circular Hartford Church Hartford Church 01:18 13.55
Northwich to Stretton and Sandiway Loop Moss Road (B5374), Winnington Moss Road (B5374), Winnington 01:54 19.4
Northwich to Whitegate via Delamere Forest Kingsmead Kingsmead 02:42 27.44
Northwich-chelford-redesmere-goostrey Circular northwich railway station northwich railway station 03:12 32.75
Northwich-congleton Circular Northwich railway station Northwich railway station 03:42 37.33
Northwich-delamere Forest-tarporley Lower Darwin St,Northwich Lower Darwin St,Northwich 02:54 29.58
Northwich-oulton Park-warmingham Circular Northwich,lower Darwin St. Norhwich,Lower Darwin St 03:18 33.79
Norton Cross to Little Leigh Norton Gate, Norton Cross Warrington Road (A49), Little Leigh 00:42 7.81
Piccilinos Circular Moss Lane, Sale Moss Lane Sale 01:06 11.55
Pickmere & Antrobus Loop Stockton Heath, Warrington Stockton Heath, Warrington 02:42 27.32
Poynton Cheshire Lanes Circular Poynton Civic Centre Car Park Poynton Civic Centre Car Park 03:24 34.41
Poynton to Tatton Park Loop Chester Rd, Poynton Chester Rd, Poynton 02:48 28.73
Poynton To Wizard Cafe at Alderley Edge Poynton Civic Centre Car Park National Trust Car Park Alderley Edge 01:06 11.42
Prenton Via Greasby Clee Hill Road Clee Hill Road 01:36 16.52
Puddington Via Wetlands Backford Cross Backford Cross 01:12 12.05
Round Table Bike Ride 9th July 2013 Saracens Head, Stockton Heath Saracens Head, Stockton Heath 00:48 8.46
Saighton Chester Circuit Huntington Huntington 01:06 11.99
Sale to Runcorn Sale Moor Runcorn The Heath 02:24 24.2
Sale/ashton On Mersey- Tatton Park Circular Ashton on Mersey or Sale Ashton on Mersey 01:48 18.93
Sandbach Loop via Alderley Edge Crewe Rd, Sandbach Crewe Rd, Sandbach 04:18 43.81
Sandbach Loop via Peckforton and Wrenbury Crewe Rd, Sandbach Crewe Rd, Sandbach 05:12 52.5
Sandbach to Stoke On Trent Sandbach town Centre Stoke-on-Trent 01:24 14.02
Shropshire Canal Circular via River Dee Girton Road Girton Road 03:54 39.62
South Cheshire 1 Macefen Macefen 01:36 16.58
St Helens Circular via Knutsford Alexandra Drive, St Helens Crossley Rd, St Helens 04:48 48.37
Stockport Cat and Fiddle Loop Stockport Stockport 04:06 41.46
Stockport to Stoke Stockport Newcastle Under Lyme 03:48 38.19
Stockport-york Stockport York 07:48 78.62
Stockton Heath Stockton Heath Stockton Heath 07:36 76.55
Stockton Heath Pub 8 Stockton Heath Stockton Heath 01:36 16.75
Stockton Heath to Daresbury Circle via Appleton Reservoir Walton Lea Road Stockton Heath 00:54 9.67
Sunday Cheshire Lanes Bowfell Road Urmston M41 04:00 37.56
Sunday Jaunt Bramhall Bramhall 02:00 20.2
Tarporley to Manchester Tarporley Manchester city centre 03:24 34.24
Tarvin to Beeston Castle Tarvin A51 Tarvin A51 01:54 19.11
The Widnes Orbital Spike Island Spike Island 01:48 18.82
Timperley Loop via Dunham Park Rd, Timperley Park Rd, Timperley 00:36 6.31
to Winsford and Back derwent close, alsager derwent close, alsager 03:12 32.43
Top to Bottom, Warrington to Hereford, Day 8 Warrington Hereford 10:24 104.08
Trailriderz Team Route Warrington Manchester Road (A57), Woolston Manchester Road (A57), Woolston 01:30 15.91
Two Mills -holt – Waverton – Backford – Two Mills Eureka Cafe, Ledsham Eureka Cafe, Ledsham 03:42 37.62
Tyherington Circular via Twemlow and Rode Heath Tyherington Tyherington 03:06 31.95
Vicars Cross circular via Tattenhall Pearl lane, Chester Pearl lane, Chester 01:30 15.92
Walton Loop via Daresbury Stockton Heath Stockton Heath 00:54 9.69
Walton to Widnes Loop Ellsmere Road (B5157) Ellsmere Road (B5157) 02:06 21.49
Warmingham Loop via Nantwich School Lane, Warmingham School Lane, Warmingham 03:54 39.78
Warmingham to Nantwich Loop School Lane School Lane 04:06 41.47
Warrington Loop via Lowton Burtonwood and Newton le Willows Paddington Paddington 02:30 25.74
Warrington Loop via Winwick Quay and Burtonwood Lingley Road, Great Sankey Lingley Road, Great Sankey 01:00 10.16
Warrington Paddington Loop Paddington Paddington 02:42 27.32
Warrington to Altrincham Loop Kingsway North (A50) Kingsway North (A50) 02:18 23.22
Warrington to Arley Hall Loop King Edward Street (A50) King Edward Street (A50) 02:06 21.96
Warrington to Chester Loop Station Road (B5157) Station Road (B5157) 04:24 44.18
Warrington to Liverpool Circular Great Sankey Great Sankey 03:24 34.13
Warrington to Moore Nature Reserve Circular Greenalls Avenue Greenalls Avenue 00:30 6.1
Weaverham to Chester Off B5153 Off B5153 03:12 32.58
Weaverham to Frodsham and Quarry Bank Loop Sandy Lane (A5142), Weaverham Sandy Lane (A5142), Weaverham 03:42 37.57
West Kirby Circle Greasby Appleton drive 01:12 12.74
West Kirby to The Harp Pub West Kirby (opposite The Concourse) The Harp Pub, Neston 00:54 9.15
Westminster Park Westminster Park Westminster Park 01:18 13.65
Wharton Circular via Delamere Wharton Road B5355 Wharton Road B5355 05:00 50.73
Widnes Bridge to Llandudno Merseyside (Widnes Bridge) Llandudno 06:30 65.18
Widnes Circular via Hough Green and Farnworth Farnworth Farnworth 00:48 8.34
Widnes to Delamere Loop via Walton Queensway, Widnes bridge Queensway, Widnes bridge 03:42 37.63
Widnes to Liverpool Via Huyton Lunt’s Heath Road, Farnworth Thomas Lane, Broadgreen 00:48 8.27
Widnes to Runcorn Via Warrington Spike Island, Lower Church St, Widnes Weston Point, Highlands Rd, Runcorn 01:24 14.5
Wilmslow Bostock And Back Off Knutsford Road Wilmslow 03:06 31.79
Wilmslow to Morley Green 10mile Loop Styal Road (B5166), Lacey Green Styal Road (B5166), Lacey Green 01:00 10
Wilmslow to Tatton Park Circular Wilmslow Parish Church, Cliff Road Wilmslow Parish Church, Cliff Road 02:48 28.12
Wilmslow to Tytherington Loop Alderley Road (A538) Alderley Road (A538) 01:12 12.24
Winsford Winsford Winsford 03:24 34.58
Winsford – Northwich – Davenham Circular Lodge Drive, Winsford Cedar Grove, Winsford 01:42 17.42
Winsford 10 Mile Loop Middlewich Road (A54) Middlewich Road (A54) 00:54 9.92
Winsford and Stanthorne Lodge Wharton Stanthorne 01:00 10
Winsford Circular Winsford, Darnhall Winsford, Darnhall 03:42 37.85
Winsford to Nantwich Loop Crook Lane (B5355) Crook Lane (B5355) 02:12 22.6
Woolston Mountain Bike Circular Manchester Road (A57), Woolston Manchester Road (A57), Woolston 00:30 5.25
Wythenshawe Loop via Nantwich and Northwich Wythenshawe Park, Wythenshawe Wythenshawe Park, Wythenshawe 09:48 98.43


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It has been amazing to have Emma from the Body Clinic Hale as part of my wider Olympic performance team. She and her friendly staff are ...

 by Victoria Pendleton MBE 9 Times World Champion Olympic Champion

It has been amazing to have Emma from the Body Clinic Hale as part of my wider Olympic performance team. She and her friendly staff are ...
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I have full faith in Emma's treatment - every time I see her I leave with a new pair of legs...

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I have full faith in Emma's treatment - every time I see her I leave with a new pair of legs...
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