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Category Archives: Injury Exercises

Don’t Suffer in Silence from Back and Neck Pain

The majority of people will, at some point in their lives, suffer from some sort of back and neck pain. Some pains will only last for a few days and will go on to heal themselves, however, if back and … Continue reading

The Myths of Lower-back Pain

Lower-back pain is one of the most common complaints in adults; in fact, up to 80% will experience some sort of back pain during their lifetime. This figure includes athletes, who regularly suffer from lower-back pain. There are a whole … Continue reading

Sports Injury Exercises: Bicycle Leg Swings

If you have suffered from a pulled hamstring, it is important that you don’t immediately injure yourself again once you return to training. To prevent doing so, make sure that you do appropriate strengthening exercises. The best exercises to carry … Continue reading