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The Inner Workings of Acupuncture Treatment

Acupuncture treatment is a procedure which is carried out by piercing fine filiform needles into the skin at specific points of the body of the patient. These points are defined as being where the life energy – known as qi – flows. The areas where life energy flows are referred to as meridian.

There are twelve key meridians which acupuncture treatment focuses upon. These points connect all the vital organs including the kidney, liver and lungs. There are a whole host of physical problems which can be treated using acupuncture, such as arthritis, headaches and can even aid weight loss.

Acupuncture treatment has been used in China since ancient times. When it was originally brought over to the West it was considered to have no medicinal benefits. However, after extensive research, it is now accepted as an effective procedure to contribute towards curing certain ailments.

Many patients can be put off acupuncture treatment because they assume that is a painful procedure. This, however, is not the case and it is perfectly safe when carried out by acupuncture specialists. Acupuncture treatment appeals to many patients due to the fact that is 100% natural and does not involve taking any drugs. Acupuncture treatment is often used alongside other measures to achieve optimum results from it.